"My painting - a sublimation of what I see and feel."

  Elena Petrova (Kinovar)
Petrova Elena (Kinovar) Was born on November, 19th, 1974 in Novosibirsk. 1991 - 1994 - studied at Moscow Art School by memory of 1905. 1996 - 2002 - studied at St.-Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E.Repin's. From 2000 - a member of International Federation of Artists. 2006 - 2009 - Curator of private collection of Russian paintings of 18-20 centuries. A conservator (restorer) of easel painting. An artist-painter. An art critic. "Grotesque, humor, positive-here a basis of my work. I would like to make our life brighter and more joyfully very much! I am interested both in the great ideas and in the common and the ordinary. Watching the nature and the people is very important for me and I cant imagine my work without it." Exhibitions: 1. Gallery "Diamond dance", St-Petersburg, 2008 2. Gallery "Na Peschanoy", Moscow, 2010 3. The state central museum of contemporary history of art, Moscow, 2011 4. 3rd Festival International Art Marbella, Spain, 2011 5. Moscow museum of modern art, Moscow, 2011 6. The sports Olympic complex, Moscow, 2012 7. V. S. Vysotsky's State Cultural Center Museum "Vysotsky's house on Taganka", Moscow, 2012 8. Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, Australia, 2012 9. Museum in Mijas, Spain, 2013 10. The Town Hall in Mijas, Spain, 2013 Publications: 1. The international magazine Image 2 2008. 2. Magazine the Family and school 8 2009. 3. Magazine "Tout", Marbella, Spain, june-julay 2011. 4. Le magazine tout en francais "Cafe Creme", Spain, 14 2011.


Gun. Suspiciously. 80x100, oil, canvas. Cafe. Quietly. 80x100, oil,canvas. Holiday. Vanity. 100x120, oil, canvas. Skier. Suddenly.70x80, oil, canvas. Home. Comfortably.80x100, oil, canvas. Selfportrait in a red t-shirt. 60x50, oil, canvas. Cop-roses. 40x50, oil,canvas. Tonight.50x40, oil, canvas. Flowers for mom. 50x70, oil, canvas. Arcos de la Frontera. Spain.50x40, oil, canvas. Arcos de la Frontera.50x40, oil, canvas. San Pedro. The beach. 40x60, oil, canvas. Salt and pepper. 30x36, oil,board. Meeting. 40x30, oil, canvas. Thoughtful.80x60, oil, canvas. Sunflowers.70x80, oil, canvas. Ice rink. 50x60, oil,canvas. Monday. 53x89, oil, canvas. -Coffee? -Beer! 80x90, canvas,oil. Call to mom. 100x60, canvas,oil. Jorney of Teddy bear and piggy Bank. Parashute! 70x80, canvas,oil. Jorney of Teddy bear and piggy Bank. Paradise? 70x90, canvas,oil. Jorney of Teddy bear and piggy Bank. A letter. 60x80, canvas,oil. Andalucia. 50x70, canvas,oil. No fish. 40x80, canvas,oil. Marbella. View from the top. 21x30, paper,water color, pastel. Costa Ballena beach. 21x30, paper,water color, pastel. Hot. 21x30, paper,water color, pastel. Gate. 21x30, paper,water color, pastel. Dried pine. 20x30, paper,water color, pastel. Hot windy. 30x42, paper,water color, pastel. Marbella. The beach. 30x42, paper,water color, pastel.. San Pedro. Spain.30x42, paper,water color, pastel. Nueva Andalucia. Marbella.42x30, paper,water color, pastel. Costa Ballena.Spain. 42x30, paper,water color, pastel. Want to go home. 60x80, canvas,oil. Up and down. 80x100, canvas,oil. The Dolomites. Italy. 60x110, canvas,oil. Monte-Perdido. Spain. 60x90, canvas,oil. Cafe. 40x50, canvas,oil. Hyacinths. 60x50, canvas,oil. Florence. 80x90, canvas,oil. Pisa. 70x50, canvas,oil. Zina. 60x60, canvas,oil. Atom. 46x65, canvas,oil. Selfportrait. 60x60, canvas, oil. Artur. 80x90, canvas,oil. Mother.100x100, canvas, oil. A robbery.103x151, canvas, oil. Selfportrait.50x60, canvas, oil. Chiringuito. 60x80, canvas,oil. Hot day in a garden. 100x100, canvas,oil. White horse. 90x110, canvas,oil.


Frustrated rendezvous. 70x90, canvas,oil. Windiness. 70x90, canvas,oil. Breakfast. 50x40, canvas on cardboard,oil. Icerink. 40x50, canvas on cardboard,oil. Icerink on Red square. 40x50, canvas on cardboard,oil. Lake of Como. 50x60, canvas,oil. Selfportrait in a white jacket. 50x40, canvas,oil. Dasha. 50x40, canvas,oil. Alex. 50x40, canvas,oil. A teenager. 60x70, canvas, oil. Alenushka and brother Ivanushka. 100x80, canvas,oil. Selfportrait in a mirrow.50x40, canvas, oil. A blacksmith.50x40, canvas, oil. An old man near the sea.50x40, canvas, oil. Pine trees.25x35, cardboard, oil. View from my window. 40x50, canvas,oil. Cadaques. Spain. 50x60, canvas,oil. At home. 30x35, canvas on a cardboard,oil. Midnight. 20x16, wood,oil. Connection of generations. 24x17, wood,oil. Calafell.Spain. 30x40, cardboard,oil. Spain. 30x40, cardboard,oil. View from terrace. 35x25, cardboard, oil. View on Calafell. 25x35, cardboard,oil. Gate.35x25, cardboard, oil. Sunset.25x35, cardboard, oil. A hot day.25x35, cardboard, oil. A house of neighbours.35x25, cardboard, oil. A rice-field. 50x70, canvas,oil. Red square. Moscow. 60x100, canvas,oil. Evening. 40x50, canvas on a cardboard,oil. An idea is main! 70x90, canvas, oil. A ham. 50x70, canvas,oil. There... 80x80, canvas,oil. Forward. 60x100, canvas,oil. A pond.50x70, canvas, oil. Spring.50x60, canvas, oil. In a city. 60x70, canvas,oil. In a city park. 80x100, canvas,oil. Cafe. 50x60, canvas,oil. Moscow. 50x58, canvas,oil. Megalomania.70x70, canvas, oil. To home. 40x50, canvas,oil. Saint-Petersburg. 50x80, canvas,oil. Paris. 50x60, canvas,oil. Hostal Alicia. 90x120, canvas,oil. Schoolboy. 50x70 oil, canvas. Selfcatering.60x80, canvas, oil. The little red riding hood. 30x33 cardboard, oil. Roses.60x50, canvas, oil. Nose. 45x31, board,oil. Eva. 123x91, canvas, oil. Oval portrait. 90x80, canvas, oil.


A frog and a boa. 50x70, canvas,oil. A paintree. Spain. 30x40 paper, watercolour, pastel. Villaricos. Spain. 30x40 paper, watercolour, pastel. Vera. Spain. 30x40 paper, watercolour, pastel. Aim.80x90, canvas, oil. A storm. 50x70 canvas, oil. Skier. 40x60, canvas,oil. In sunglasses. 50x60 canvas, oil. A couple. 27x40, board, oil. . 50x40 canvas, oil. Elviria. 50x40, canvas,oil. A man from an embankment. 30x33, board, oil. Victory. 50x40, canvas,oil. Spring. 80x90, canvas, oil. Summer.80x90, canvas,oil. The rape of Europa. 100x100, canvas,oil. 120x150 canvas, oil. Stand-off. 70x50, canvas,oil. Paris. 60x60 canvas, oil. Toledo. 17x44, board, oil. Amsterdam. 50x60, canvas,oil. Potrate of M.Bulgakov. 30x33, board, oil. Youth. 53x90, canvas,oil. ... 70x70, canvas, oil.


Wild flowers. 60x60, canvas, oil. Sisters. 60x60, canvas,oil. Salome. 80x70 canvas, oil. Flowers-de-luce. 60x40, canvas, oil. Flowers-de-luce 2. 70x50, canvas,oil. Paris. 50x60 canvas, oil. Midday. 60x60, canvas, oil. Selfportrait with Churchill. 50x70, canvas, oil. A bullfinch. 20x30, canvas, oil. A walker. 50x47, canvas, oil. In a mirrow.70x90, canvas, oil. Alex. 70x60, canvas,oil. 89. 40x50, canvas, oil. A quarrel. 40x50, canvas, oil. Fruits. 60x80, canvas, oil. Vegetables. 50x70, canvas, oil. Sweets. 30x46, canvas, oil. Selfportrait. 110x150, canvas, oil. The trumpeter. 100x70, canvas, oil. Churhill. 30x46, wood, oil. Reload. 90x80, canvas, oil. Players in cards. 80x100, canvas, oil. The blacksmith. 60x50, canvas, oil. Madonna. 40x45, canvas, oil.


In a shadow. 91x122, canvas, oil. Roses. 46x38, canvas,oil. Cafe. 100x60, canvas, oil. Alice. 80x100, canvas, oil. On a mirrow. 120x100, canvas, oil. Live. Love. Dream. 100x120, canvas, oil. Selfportrait. 50x70, canvas, oil.


Dreams. 100x80, canvas, oil. The conversation. 70x90, canvas, oil. Really?! 90x100, canvas, oil. Tarifa. 90x100, canvas, oil. Paris, 40x30, cardbord, oil. Andaluz. 50x70, canvas, oil. Food chain. Reload. 50x70, canvas, oil. Selfishness. 50x60, canvas, oil. The doors. 40x50, canvas, oil. Freedom. 50x70, canvas, oil. The guest. 50x60, canvas, oil. The Extraction of the Stone of Madness. Remake on Bosch. 30x20, board, oil. Moscow. 40x80, canvas, oil. Moscow. 80x100, canvas, oil.


Relax. 40x40, canvas, oil. They have never been in Townsville. 70x90, canvas, oil. San Sebastian. Spain. 30x40, cardboard, oil. Merry Christmas. 20x30, canvas, oil. Lisboa. 30x40, cardboard, oil.


Memoirs on the past. 80x100, canvas, oil. Friends. 100x80, canvas, oil. Brekfast or how often you lose your head? 55x65, canvas, oil. A member of a family. 44x55, canvas, oil. Darling... I am leaving you... 60x80, canvas, oil. Princess. 40x30, cardboard, oil. Darling! You are the most valuable thing that I have! 60x80, canvas, oil. World where the money lives! 60x100, canvas, oil. Memoirs of childhood. 40x60, canvas, oil. Welcome. 45x55, oil, canvas. Dinner is over. 30x30, board, oil.